Administrative Notes

Here’s what presenters need to know

Advance Gallery: If you have not already done so, please email a head-shot and any materials you would like to appear on your advance gallery page on the site to Juan Escobar-Lamanna ( by April 30th.

Participation Confirmation: As a reminder, we ask you to confirm your intention to participate in the pre-conference by March 15th. If you have not yet confirmed you will be attending, please email Conference Assistant Juan Escobar-Lamanna ( to confirm.

March 15th will also be the deadline to submit an email request for travel funding. You can find more details about travel funding/requests on your pre-conference letter of acceptance.

Pre-conference registration: If you have not already done so, please visit the following link to register for the pre-conference as soon as possible.

ICA Flight Advisory: The ICA has issued the following on their Twitter page on Feb. 25 regarding booking flights as early as possible.

With fuel prices rising & the demand for flights going up due to the French Open AND the Champions Cup, we will be releasing MOST of the ica22 program TODAY so you can search for your name and know your schedule parameters and book your flights ASAP. Do not wait!