Atul Anand

Atul Anand is a filmmaker and researcher whose works include documentary films,photographs, videos, ethnographic research, etc. Through his works he seeks to understand and talk about issues pertaining to communication, caste, gender, and migration. He holds a master’s degree in media. He is currently a research scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. His research interests concern with intersection of communication and migration. He had received a research fellowship from CES, New Delhi for an ethnographic research project on labour migration in India. His student film Caste on the Menu Card was screened internationally and won awards

visible people

visible people is a collection of audio-visual stories of people’s migration for work. A scholar once called migrant workers in Indian cities to be ‘invisible’ until there is some unrest in a city. Are people who migrate for work invisible? People cannot be invisible. Unless it is taken for granted that some people’s presence would not be acknowledged even if they appear in public spaces. People can also be made invisible by the dominant media narratives and their representation. This film has audio-visual stories of people who migrate for work. It attempts to explore the role of audio-visual form in communications.