Azaneé Truss

Azsaneé Truss studies how factors such as socioeconomic status influence the critical media literacy practices learned by an individual. As a multimodal scholar, she is specifically interested in how art and media production can be used to teach these practices. Given her background in technology, her work as a dancer and artist, and her interest in media as a form of education, Truss’s research marries several of her passions in a way that seeks to understand how we can use critical media literacy education to combat disinformation. 


Race and Conspi(racism)

This playlist is a collection of hip-hop songs which discuss systemic racism in ways that I feel are conspiratorial. While the term ‘conspiracy’ is often used in a pejorative sense, here, I am defining ‘conspiracy’ as a plot by one or more persons to exploit, marginalize, degrade, or otherwise oppress another group of people in the pursuit of gaining or maintaining power. Using this definition, my analysis of the discussions of race within these songs ultimately serves to help me further develop the idea that racism itself is a conspiracy. This project takes conspiracy theorizing seriously, as discussed by Waters’ (1997) ‘ethnosociological’ approach, seeking to understand the logic and histories which underly conspiracy theories as opposed to categorically dismissing them.

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