Category: Gallery

  • Brendan McCauley

    “Scramble and Scrounge” is an in-production short film diagnosing the state of post-pandemic arts infrastructure in the Pioneer Valley, MA, USA. My research, life in creative community, and labor as a worker within a rapidly shifting cultural economy converge in video.

  • Gordon Coonfield

    Kensington Remembers is a digital project based on 3 years of multimodal ethnographic fieldwork in North Philadelphia, using photography, geo-location, and digital story mapping to both study and communicate the results of this work.

  • Aymar Jean Christian

    Using the case study of original works featuring Black queer and women-identified artists I directed and produced, I ask: how can we repair the legacies of harm and bureaucracies of displacement in media production? This series explores how an indie intersectional platform developed a restorative justice process.

  • Michelle Y. Hurtubise

    Indigenous storytelling is vital to a deeper understanding of our world and in addressing the climate crisis, but how do we best support these storytellers? The 4th World Media Lab does this by supporting early and mid-career Indigenous filmmakers from around the globe.

  • Antoine Haywood

    What’s Your Favorite Color? is a multimodal autoethnographic project that analyzes memories of my identity formation and coming-of-age experiences I had while growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida. I use popular culture references and material culture to make sense of an adolescent encounter that sparked a deep critical reflection on my lifeworld, family legacy, and African American identity.

  • Mary Elizabeth Luka, Annette Markham, Laine Rettmer, Andrea Merkx

    How can we shift mindsets about what counts as research method and research outcome to encourage and model more multimodal processes and products? Our contribution to this preconference is a backstage showcase of a pilot project where we designed, scripted, produced, and animated “On Method,” a multimodal version of a methods “textbook.”

  • Sibusisiwe Gugu Manqele

    Questions is a short film that speaks to memory and the politics of the black woman’s body in processing trauma, abuse and mental health. In essence, this project is concerned with how black women remember their traumas. A woman positioned as a lead in telling her narrative, not just as an auxiliary character. My stance as a practitioner is to ‘redeem, reclaim and give a new take’ as bell hooks (1989) states.

  • Sharon Sliwinski, Erin MacIndoe Sproule & Andrew Braun

    Built out of conversations with the public and encompassing work by scientists, artists, and philosophers, the Guardians of Sleep podcast explores how dreaming serves as an integral psychological process that helps us work through the struggles we face in our waking lives.

  • Azaneé Truss

    The Conspi(racism) playlist is a collection of hip-hop songs which discuss systemic racism in ways that are conspiratorial. I define ‘conspiracy’ as a plot by one or more persons to exploit, marginalize, degrade, or otherwise oppress another group of people in the pursuit of gaining or maintaining power.

  • Alison Trope

    “Critical Media Project” is a media literacy initiative and web resource for educators and students designed to help youth see, understand, and engage across difference. By exploring questions of identity through the lens of media, CMP offers tools for youth to reimagine their futures, amplify their voices, and seed their individual and communal power.